Аrchitecture. Air terminal in Odessa.

The land plot is in Beljaevsky district ,chosed for building ,for the presented project.
A land plot for project is fenced in from the north with a Kurgan village, from the south – the Red immigrant village.
Air terminal is located in 50 km to the southeast from Odessa and it connected with a city a highway.
Capacity of the terminal is designed for 30,000 passengers per hour, has 21 parking of planes.

Flows of passengers and luggage are separated vertically
Flows of passengers arrivals and departures are divided vertically, the international and internal directions of movement - horizontally
separation of streams occurs on the area before the air terminal – 3 levels of a highway are designed for: a truck transport, transport an arrival, transport of departure.

Perspective development of an air terminal is provided. The structure includes the following functional areas:

1. Entrance, the Central hall. 2. A technological zone (it is distributed on on the first and second floors):
1 floor – three terminals of departure (two for flights of the international directions with zones of transients and one for internal flights)
2 floor – three terminals of an arrival (two for flights of the international directions and one for internal flights)
1. Administrative zone. 2. Service-operational zone. 3. Luggage. 4. Public catering.

For arriving passengers provide the shortest and most convenient ways and outputs on stops of urban transport. Structure of air terminal settled on the principle of decentralize and conditionally consists of independently functioning 6 parts, each part has the communications with parking of planes.

The lock building consists from volumes of different- number of storeys , maximum floors limit – 6 floors, from them 2 underground. Vertical communication between floors is carried out by means of lifts, ladders, escalators, conveyors. Type of lay-out predominantly galleries, in the future may be build additional satellites as a development

Parking of planes (21) are located in immediate proximity from an air terminal building that reduces time for delivery of passengers
Projected facility addressed in the compact concept of scheme space-planning solutions.

In the architectural solution of the facade of the terminal building there is no centralized, but 3 areas combined in single volume of input group, which is a common core, to which tend all the volumes of the building.

In the interior of the building used by a variety of materials, contrasting in color and texture, also used the horizontal and vertical segmentation, small and large shapes, volumes. The shape of the building affects the formation of the station square, entrances to the building, future development of airport's infrastructure

Central volume resolved with the use of lightweight constructions of façades. The airport building has smooth outlines, group of adjacent to the center terminals in the plan reminiscent of the shape of petals. The interior combines the basic materials - glass, concrete, metal, wood, varying in texture and color. Oval volume of the central hall is illuminated by side and top , materials of ceiling and frame structures are painted in bright colors and have an additional function of light reflection. This gave the opportunity to lighting of rooms, adjacent to the "lantern of natural light”, far away from the facades. Compositionally groups of elevators there are the vertical dominants of the interior. The height of the cylinder of oval hall is 24 m (6 floors) and covered with long- overflight of roof construction - membrane.

Each floor of the air terminal is aimed to perform certain functions.
On the first 3 floors are equipped with the separate for each floors kitchens , connection with the warehouses realized by means of lifts. In the building has been designed emergency exits and stairways