Museum of Modern Art

The plot is located within the park to them. Gorky Odessa. Plot of land is rectangular in shape and is oriented to the northwest. The main entrance and entrance to the plot is located on the south-east side

The museum complex consists of two main volumes which occupied by   permanent and temporary exhibitions. The configuration of the exhibition space provides streaming nature of the movement of visitors. Two  main interconnected volumes connected to each other through  wide galleries  on the first and third floors. The building according to the project has five internal stairs taking into account the safety from the smoke during a fire., two of which relate to the exhibition's halls, two  stairs serve for the administrative block and one stair – for back office. The building is equipped    two wide elevators for visitors and two lifts for repository of foundation of Museum and for loading of cafe . The building has additional features such as: facilities for the master class, a library and lecture hall. Due to the fact that the museum has a permanent exhibition, there  provides an additional wide range of service facilities: photo lab, restoration shops and warehouses.
Zones of the museum:
Entrance area (vestibule group of premises) distributes the visitors to the hall with exchangeable exposure  and the permanent exhibition hall. 
For psychological relief there are open-air terraces, equipped by small architectural forms, park furniture and decorative design.
Entrance to the building and loading in this project from  the main square, down the street. Varnenskaya. On the first floor in a single space includes: vestibule, entrance hall, cloakroom, a cafe, an exhibition hall of changing exhibitions and an exhibition hall with a permanent exhibition. Administrative offices have connections to the lobby and located on the first and second floors. The museum is designed  for unimpeded movement of visitors on a system of ramps and transitions, connecting all three floors, providing a free choice of the route of visits to all exhibition halls of the complex. Additional route with two elevators enables visitors    a direct hit from the first floor directly to the roofs on the second and third floors, the area  which are used for temporaries seasonal exhibition In the project of the building used by such supporting structures: a truncated dome, the system of frames, the supporting columns. Exterior walls are lightweight and resolved glazed. The building is as light sources used artificial and natural illumination